Commercial Food Processors

How to Look for a Commercial Food Processor 

When it comes to your restaurant or commercial kitchen, important kitchen electrics and appliances that youll want to have on hand is a commercial food processor. This handy kitchen tool can help with many different areas of prep, allowing you and your employees to prepare food seamlessly and efficiently.

What Are Differences Between Home and Commercial Food Processors?

If you have a food processor at home, you are familiar with its operations, but there are a few key differences between home and commercial processors:

  • Size: The capacity is the main difference when it comes to commercial and home processing. A unit for a restaurant will have large capacities of 3 quarts and higher.
  • Attachments: While your home unit probably has a few attachments, the commercial unit will offer many different ones such as a disc and other attachments for chopping, dicing, grating and other functions.
  • Easy to use: While any food unit should be simple to use, the restaurant-level one is going to have simple, push-button controls that help you switch from one function to another in seconds. 

What Are Food Processors Used For?

Food processors are used for varying degrees of different functions and processing in the kitchen, specifically prepping. Known as a prep cooks best friend, you can use them for:

  • Slicing: This electric is great for slicing as you can quickly slice many different types of vegetables and fruits evenly
  • Dicing: A special blade also helps you evenly dice fruits like tomatoes, which is also great for chopping
  • Shredding: Most processors include a shredding disc, to finely shred everything from carrots to cheese; shredding blades also help with grating.
  • Dough making: While you may have other appliances specifically for dough, this is a function your food processor can perform as well, with the right attachments
  • Sauce making: You can finely tune sauces, salsas and dips like hummus in the processor

What Are Features to Look For?

When it comes to your food processor, there are a handful of features that are must-haves, particularly for restaurants. These include:

  • Continuous feed tube: To protect your hands and for safety, make sure you find a processor that offers continuous feed. This feed chute allows you to place vegetables, fruits and other foods in the unit without getting your extremities near the slicing apparatus, blades or disc. Waring offers many of these models.
  • Work bowl: Nearly any device will include a work bowl with it - just make sure you find one that is dishwasher safe and is strong an durable. 
  • Combination food processor: For large quantities of prep, you may want to opt for a combination food processor that is both blender and processor in one.
  • Whipping disc: Some units include a whipping disc; a disc helps you make icings, frostings, desserts and more. 
  • Mincers: This add-on allows you ti finely chop vegetables, such as onions or garlic.
  • Reversible shredding disc: While most feature a shredding disc, a reversible one allows you to shred at different sizes.

Some popular brands of commercial grade units that have ample features include:

  • Waring
  • Robot Coupe
  • Hobart