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Complete Inboard Diesel Engines

Complete diesel engines are designed by Volvo Penta, Yanmar Perkins, Caterpillar, and many other brands. These units give a typical boat enhanced horsepower and increased torque because they rely on diesel. Inboard diesel products are available for modern and vintage vessels.

What are the horsepower options?

Engines that are designed with hardware that reaches over 200 horsepower are built for race vessels. These products quickly distribute power to the propeller so that sports vessels can power through rough environments. Motors that have a 10 to 49 horsepower range are ideal for casual boating adventures. You can equip any of the products on a vessel thats used during casual trips or fishing routines. If you need an engine thats somewhat powerful, a unit that has a 100-200 horsepower range is worth considering. This motor option will provide enough power, speed, and torque for general boating situations.

Whats included with a typical inboard marine engine?

A general marine motor is built with a shaft and a durable propeller. The shaft is typically constructed out of a commercial-grade metal, so harsh environmental elements in ocean zones wont rust the surfaces. Rugged material is also used on the propeller housing, which is mounted near the shaft. Depending on the motor brand, other features may also be included, such as a control panel and a harness.

What are the design specs for a general marine motor?

A general engine is built with four-stroke mechanical hardware. Because various products have different horsepower specs, Yanmar and many other manufacturers use certain technologies to regulate and manage temperatures throughout driving situations on the water. Most traditional marine diesel motors have cooling hardware that uses water to maintain efficient temperatures.

What are the design options for marine diesel engines?

When most manufacturers build marine diesel engines, they use a standard steel or aluminum material. The color of the material will vary because some designers paint the housing to make each engine appealing. Units that are painted have a bold design scheme with a color that matches a boat, such as green or yellow. All engine companies use commercial-grade paints to coat the housing on various products, so each layer wont chip when water splashes on the material.

What are common motor options?

Long block engines are available for vessels that require a lot of fuel. These motors are usually designed with 7.3-liter hardware and are suitable for long boat trips. Marine diesel engines with turbo components are also available. Turbo products are built with powerful hardware that gives a boater quick shifting and advanced horsepower. A turbo engine can be beneficial during a race because:

  • The main hardware performs efficiently in racing locations that have rough conditions.
  • The fuel hardware manages gas usage.
  • Strategic boaters can increase speeds by tweaking the hardware.
Are special hardware options available?

Commercial-grade heat exchangers and cooling products are available casual vessels and sports vessels. These products help boaters manage and maintain diesel and gasoline engines.