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Coverking Car and Truck Seat Covers

Once you have decided on new Coverking replacement seat covers for your car or truck, you need to notate your vehicles details like year, make, model, trim, and engine to narrow the search for covers. There are also personal preferences like color, style, and fabric to consider when selecting new covers. Coverking seat covers are digitally scanned with 3D imaging equipment for a custom fit.

What styles do seat covers from Coverking come in?

You can select Coverking seat covers in a variety of fabrics, including:

  • Genuine neoprene or NeoSupreme: Get the fit and comfort of high-tech neoprene or the added comfort of Coverking’s signature NeoSupreme material.
  • Premium leatherette or genuine leather: If you prefer the look and feel of leather for your vehicle interior, choose Coverkings leatherette or go with real leather seat covers.
  • Cordura ballistic: This is a thick fabric with a water-resistant liner for added longevity.
  • Spacer mesh: A common choice with a comfortable porous mesh that provides breathability.
  • Polycotton drill: These are comfortable and sturdy cloth seat covers with a stain-resistant coating and a snug fit.
  • Saddle blanket: This car seat cover has a Western style and extra foam for added softness.
  • Snuggleplush: This style is a Coverking signature car seat cover with the look of fur and a soft feel.
  • Rhinohide: For the customer who needs a tough fabric, these seat covers are designed to be resistant to punctures and wear.
What makes Coverking seat covers stand out?

Coverking offers several features to ensure their seat covers fit properly and are easy to install over any car seat. Each cover is customized to match the seats of your car or truck. The neoprene backing provides enough stretch to fully cover the front or rear seat without the need for excessive tucking to make the cover look right. The following features help ensure a comfortable feel and simple installation:

  • Buckles and zippers: Sturdy Coverking engineered fasteners make it easy to adjust the fit of your seat covers.
  • Pull-through flaps: The pull-through flaps offer the leverage you need to get the seat covers on snugly.
  • Installation kit: An installation tool, safety glasses, and protective gloves are included.
What are some things first-time customers may not know about Coverking seat covers?

Coverking strives to offer custom fit seat covers with affordable, stylish, and tough materials that will enhance the look and feel of the seats in your vehicle or truck while protecting the seats. The following are features you may not be aware of:

  • Made in the United States: All Coverking seat covers are made in the U.S. with high standards of quality and production.
  • Large selection of material: In addition to the choices in fabric and style, many of the seats can be personalized by choosing a color strip, adding a sporty feel to the vehicle.
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