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Cream Eye Shadow

Cream eye shadow beauty products offer you an alternative to the pressed or loose powder pigment types of eye shadow. These cosmetics come in several color palettes, such as beige, taupe, brown, and green, and are formulated to be both long-lasting and easy to apply. Cream shadows are notable not just for their creamy textures but also for their smooth, velvety finishes and shimmery effects.

What are some advantages of cream eye shadow?

There are several advantages to using cream eye shadow makeup products over their powder shadow counterparts. Some people find great success in using this type of eye shadow when other makeup types may have failed them. You should consider using a cream-based eye shadow product if any of these factors appeal to you:

  • You can use this type of eye shadow makeup without a base primer, making the cream easier and quicker to put on the eyes during those days when you might be in a rush but still want to add makeup.
  • Thanks to their formulas, creamy eye shadows are thick and long-lasting, and many are able to serve your cosmetics needs all day long with just one application.
  • If you don't have a brush handy, the thickness of cream shadow products makes it easy for you to put this makeup on using just a finger.
  • Because the cream contains some moisturizing agents in its formula, creamy eye shadow is an ideal choice if you have dry eyelids.
  • They are versatile, allowing you to have a subtle matte finish or add a glossy effect thanks to creams that have shimmer finishes. In addition, you can use cream eye shadows as a base for powder eye shadows. The cream will hold the other type of shadow in place over your eye while it simultaneously deepens and intensifies the color palette.
How do you apply cream eye shadows?

You have two main options for applying cream eye shadows. Both of these methods have their benefits, and your choice depends on your particular needs.

  • If you have the time, use a small, synthetic brush to put the shadow on your eyes. Many cream kits, like the peachy velvet mattes or 40-color shadow palettes, come equipped with small applicators that you can use to shade your eyes right away. This method allows you to shade your eyes with the shadow in a slow, even fashion. You simply glide the applicator device gently across the exposed area, smoothing out any minor smudges along the way. Once done, the cream base should be resistant to creases.
  • Your other option is to simply use a finger as an applicator for the shadow. This method works just as well as a brush with some practice and is a great way to use the shadow as eyeliner when you're in a rush. Using your smallest finger, dab some shadow on it and apply the cream with a slight smudge to your eyelid up to the crease. Start with the lightest colors, adding darker ones as you go along.