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Choosing and Using Computer Speakers That Suit You

Computers deliver underwhelming audio, with some producing no audio output at all hence the need for computer speakers. Creative is a benchmark name in computer audio, and the 2.1 computer speakers are among the company's most attractive and feature-rich desktop speakers. A 2.1 channel speaker system means you have two regular speakers and a subwoofer. Each speaker features dual-driver design that delivers an excellent sonic experience.

What Features Should I Look for When Selecting Computer Speakers?

Some people argue that the only way to get great sound from your computer is through headphones. However, you don't want to wear headphones for extended periods, but still, not everyone fancies wearing headphones-to say the least. The following are the important details to look for:

  • Surround sound: Chances are you may want to do more than just listening to music to your PC. You may want to watch movies and TV shows as well, and for this, definitely consider surround sound system for your PC. This will not only enhance audio quality but also improve the overall experience.  
  • Subwoofer: Standard computer speakers lack bass and this is where the subwoofer comes into play. Get a speaker system that has one, but you can always add one later if you like, more so when you're using an external amplifier. 
  • Controls or Inputs: Normally, you would just need a single input for your laptop or desktop, but there are cases when you might want to multi-purpose your stereo sound system by either using your smartphone or any other MP3 player. For this reason, get computer speakers that have an aux input (3.5mm being the most common). Also, ensure that there is a headphone jack on the speakers. If you decide to go wireless, then ensure that the Bluetooth is working properly.

How Can I Connect Creative Bluetooth Speakers to My Windows Laptop?

Having a wireless system is ideal, especially when you have limited space or are considering using multiple speaker systems. The only problem that you might have is connecting your wireless system to your laptop. Here are the steps to show how you can easily connect your Bluetooth speakers to your Windows laptop. 

  • Plug your Bluetooth speaker power cable.
  • Turn on the speaker switch. The switch is on the back side. After you turn the switch on, the Bluetooth icon changes to green.
  • In the laptop, follow this path: Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices. 
  • Open laptop Bluetooth function. And in More Bluetooth options, make sure the Discovery allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC is ticked.
  • Add Bluetooth or Other devices
  • Choose Bluetooth in add a device window. Here you can add Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth speaker and phone.

If you're using MacOS then you can find your Bluetooth in the System Preferences. For Linux, ensure that you have installed all the necessary packages before running a "rfkill" command.