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DIRECTV HD Digital TV Receivers

Everything You Should Know Before Buying the DIRECTV Genie HD Receiver

DIRECTV HD receivers are must-have accessories if you are an entertainment enthusiast. This DIRECTV box is compact, portable, and entails state-of-the-art nodes and installations designed to access several films and TV content. Its buttons are clearly labeled to assist you in navigating the right channels with ease.

What makes DIRECTV genie models ideal options for purchase?

When you purchase the DIRECTV genie receiver, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort of any room. Regardless of your location, you can record as many as five shows at once and stack up to 200 hours of DIRECTV box entertainment.

This DIRECTV box features the Amazon Alexa, which serves as an innovative hands-free option to navigate commands with your voice. With Amazon Alexa, finding your favorite movie or TV shows is a quick and hassle-free process. The best part is that you can still view the same high-quality content across multiple rooms without installing additional DIRECTV receivers.

What do you need to know before buying hi-def receivers?

Before you can purchase hi-def receivers, its in your best interest to understand a few considerations to ensure that you obtain an optimal viewing experience in return. The DIRECTV HD receiver is integrated with subtitles to make it easier to understand foreign programs. Here is a breakdown of what you should know:

  • HDTV Cable - Before buying a DIRECTV genie receiver, ensure that you have signed up for a high-definition cable from your preferred cable provider.
  • Software update - Make sure that you check the settings and know how to download updates on the latest software installed in your DIRECTV box.
  • Video playback - If you love TV and movies, then it makes total sense purchasing a DIRECTV genie HR54 that offers playback options for offline viewing at later periods.
What technology features do DIRECTV standard receivers offer?

When you buy a DIRECTV standard receiver, you can browse a variety of high-quality film content. Not only that, you can personalize your viewing content with a simple click of your remote and discover your favorite motion pictures. The DIRECTV HD receiver offers parental control options, which means that you can regulate the type of content watched by your kids. This DIRECTV box entails the following features:

  • Program Guide - This feature allows you to obtain a sneak-peek of upcoming program listings and select your preferred options.
  • Search Functions - With the DIRECTV HD receiver, you can search for specific movies or sports events featuring your favorite actor or sports stars.
  • On-Screen Caller ID - This feature allows you to access your phone calls right from your TV screen courtesy of the Caller ID service.
How can you connect your smart TV to the DIRECTV box?

Connect your DIRECTV genie receiver to your TV screen panel. Connect the HDMI cable to your DIRECTV genie receiver and the TV screen panel. Power on the TV.

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