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Do I Need a Dual Tuner Satellite TV Receiver?

If you want to watch your favorite shows on free-to-air or subscription-based TV, its important that you pair your TV with a wide-band HD TV home satellite receiver. The purpose of a TV receiver is to interpret incoming digital signals from orbiting satellites, allowing you to use your onboard tuner to watch or record televised programs.

What is a Home Network Satellite TV Receiver?

A home network satellite TV receiver decodes the radio wave signals your television dish receives. After the signal decodes and modulated, your receiver can display the digital and audio content onto your television, monitor or projector screen. Three of the most important components accompanying a home satellite TV system are:

  • Dish Receiver: A satellite dish receives radio signals, encoded with digital and audio channel content, and directs them towards the network TV receiver in your living room. Only a satellite dish can receive larger signal packets, such as pay TV and international pay TV services.
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR): The DVR is used to record digital and audio TV content and store it in an external hard-drive or cloud-based location. In many modern TV receiver systems, the DVR comes with either the TV or set-top-box.
  • Multi-Channel Remote: TV remotes wirelessly change the channel content displaying on your TV. Multi-channel remotes allow the user to seamlessly switch between free-to-air, pay TV, and commercial streaming services.

Features to Look Out for in a Home Network Satellite TV Receiver

Base your model receiver on your viewing habits and preferences. For instance, if you cant stand minor reception distortions or irregular channel dropout, then invest in a dish network that corrects on-the-fly errors in the signal encoding process. Other important features in a home dish network receiver include:

  • HD Signal Reception: Reliably receiving HD content and quickly displaying it on a television screen requires a consistently strong reception signal. Before choosing a broad-spectrum HD receiver, make sure your dish receiver mounts in a high-reception area.
  • Dual Tuner: When choosing a TV receiver with a built-in DVR, make sure you look out for a dual tuner. This component allows you to watch a live program while recording another live program for later viewing. This is a great feature for people that enjoy watching sports events.
  • Receiver Design: The panel design and shape are also important features to users who wish to preserve the aesthetic of their living room or home theatre. For example, DISH home satellite receivers are often chosen for their sleek case profile and muted color design.

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