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Choose Dell Servers for Your Small Business

The Dell PowerEdge R610 is a two-socket 1U rack server that offers robust performance, security, and intuitive design at a price point that's affordable for virtually any small business. Prioritizing ease of use and accessibility without compromising security or capability, the Dell R610 is a powerful solution for any growing business.

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What are the specifications of the Dell R610?

The Dell R610 was specifically designed to be an accessible, user-friendly, but powerful solution for growing businesses. Available in a wide range of configurations and options to meet the requirements of virtually any organization, precise specifications will vary from server to server, but the base model R610 offers:

  • Dual, quad or six-core Intel Xeon 5500 or 5600 series CPU.
  • Up to 12 TB of internal storage.
  • 12 DIMM slots, able to support up to 192 DDR3 RAM.
  • 2 hot pluggable 502W Energy Smart or 2 hot pluggable high output 717W PSUs.
  • 2 PCIe x8 G2 slots.

Does the Dell R610 offer any security features?

Yes, the Dell R610 was designed to offer multiple options that ensure both physical and digital security. Physically, the server incorporates a coin lock entry latch on the top of the unit, as well as a locking bezel that secures both the server control panel and the unit's hard drives. An intrusion alert switch is included in the chassis, which, when used in conjunction with security software, will alert you when the unit’s internal components have been accessed. For data security, the server offers TPM authentication and storage, as well as a secure mode accessible from BIOS, and the optional use of USB keys.

What are the physical specifications of the R610?

The Dell R610 is a standard-sized 1U rack server, designed to be secured in a server rack or cabinet. The server includes six internal system fans and supports redundant cooling. The R610 is available with either the ReadyRails sliding rail system which requires a four-post rack or the ReadyRails static rail system, which enables installation in two or four-post racks. Both systems allow for toolless installation of the server. An optional cable management arm is available.

What operating systems are offered with the R610?

The Dell R610 is available free of an installed operating system but is also available with the following:

  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008
  • Windows HPC Server 2008 R2
  • Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Oracle Solaris

Some Frequently Asked Questions About the Dell R610

Can I upgrade the Dell R610?

Yes, the Dell R610 is designed to be easily upgradable. You can add more RAM, upgrade the processors, and install additional storage drives to meet your growing business needs.

How do I manage the Dell R610?

The Dell R610 can be managed remotely using Dell's iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) technology. This allows you to monitor and manage the server from anywhere using a web browser.

What kind of support is available for the Dell R610?

Dell offers a range of support options for the R610, including hardware warranty, technical support, and software updates. You can also find documentation and drivers for the R610 on Dell's support website.

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