Door Entry Systems & Intercoms

Secure Your Home With a Door Entry System and Intercom

The door entry systems and intercoms allow you to speak to people in different areas of your home without being in the same room. Whether adding a video or voice home intercom system or installing an entry system for your employees at the office, you can find an affordable setup for your needs on eBay.

How does a home intercom system work?

These intercoms can be located in different rooms, making it easy to speak to others without leaving the convenience of where you are. This is extremely convenient if there is a new baby in the house and you need to listen for him while you do other chores. You may also place an intercom outside, near your entry door. This would allow you to speak to visitors before opening the door.

Why would a door entry system be useful?

Door entry systems are useful if you have a small business with employees who may need to enter at various times of the day. An entry system eliminates the need for bulky keys and allows you to keep doors locked securely at all times. You do not need to stop what you are doing to let someone inside. Simply give your employees access to the system and they can come and go as they need to. This type of entry system could also be useful for families with children who may not be responsible enough to hang onto keys. Kids could simply enter a code into the numbered panel and automatically be let inside.

What types of entry and home intercoms are available?

There are many different systems available to fit your preferences. The range for these devices vary greatly between models. Some units include an integrated intercom, video, and door entry system. These can be useful for apartment buildings in which occupants can "buzz" friends and family in after verifying identity. Other types of entry systems and intercoms include:

  • Voice-activated intercoms
  • Motorcycle intercom helmet headsets
  • Doorbell intercoms
  • Keypad door entry systems
  • RFID card access entry systems
Are magnetic door locks safe to use?

Yes, these doors use electromagnetic force to lock the door. Though very powerful, it is also fail-safe in that once it is no longer electrified, the magnetic abilities disappear. In the event of a power failure or emergency, the door will be able to be opened with little effort.