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Drum Practice Pads

Feel like learning the drums but you don't want to make the commitment of buying a whole drum kit? A set of good quality drum practice pads are just what a drummer needs. With a wide range of versatility to help you get a feel for the real thing, drum practice pads are a great alternative to the real thing.

Can you adjust the sound on practice pads?

Yes, some rubber practice pads have the option for adjusting the way they sound. This can most easily be done by adjusting a set of screws around the circumference of the pad. This lets you change the tension and therefore the sound of the pad when you strike it. Many pads also come with two distinct sides, as well, making different sounds depending on the side you play on. Snare, cymbal, percussion, and tenor options are available.

How portable are practice pads?

Unlike a normal drum kit, practice pads are surprisingly portable and can be taken with you much more easily that you would expect. With some pads small enough to fit into your pants pocket, you'll be able to practice on the go just about anywhere. Some pads even come with straps that you can use to attach your pads to your legs. This lets you play even in places where there isn't a good flat surface to do so on.

Can you play a practice pad on a stand?

Many drum pads come with stands as part of the kit that are designed to more closely mimic the way you would play a real drum. You can also find stands compatible with drum pads that don't come attached, depending on what you're looking for. You can even make your own custom stand, if you're handy, that is just right for you.

What kind of drums can practice pads imitate?

In general, there is a practice pad out there that can imitate the sound of almost any drum you could find in a standard kit. Certain manufacturers make more specialized pads meant to imitate more customized drums. There are even some pads constructed as large boards, featuring several different drum pads built into them. They give you a wide range of sounds you can play on them, more closely resembling what it's like to play a normal drum kit.

How large are practice pads?

The size of a drum practice pad will vary, though a large variety of sizes are available tailored to different musicians and their tastes. In general, the common sizes for practice pads are 6 inches and 12 inches, but other sizes are also available. They come in different shapes ranging from perfect circles to dodecagons depending on the type of drum it is meant to imitate.

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