Setter inglés de colección

English Setter Collectibles

The English Setter is a medium-sized dog breed that came from the country that bears its name. Whether they are hunting with other dogs or trying to exercise in the park, the breed is known for good manners and work ethic by trainers. Records show evidence of this breed dating as far back as the 15th century; because of this, there is a long and storied history of setters as artwork and collectibles.

What types of English Setter collectibles are available?

There are many types of English Setter collectibles for the true English Setter fan. Whether you are a breeder or just love this breed, you can enjoy paintings of the English Setter dog in action. Some paintings show the breed getting exercise hunting with its master. Other images show an English Setter puppy hunting or playing with other dogs. Puppy collectibles are available in options like paintings, lamps, figurines, doorstops, bookends, or belt racks.

  • Paintings: Pictures are some of the most popular collectibles for this dog type. They show this breed in action.
  • Puppy Love: Some of the most popular English Setter figurines are of a puppy enjoying time with its mother.
  • Functional Items: For the dedicated breeder or dog lover, functional collectibles are a great way to show your love for the English Setter. These items include jewelry, bookends, coffee mugs, and coaster sets that feature the adorable Setter. Show off your love of the breed to the world with a license plate or earrings decorated with your favorite dog.
  • Presents: Some of the collectibles are designed for easy, fun gifts. These gift options range from simple options to practical products such as key chains and trailer hitch covers.
What does an English Setter do?

An English Setter is a dog breed that is known for its gorgeous coat. Female and male setters have coats that are primarily white with orange, black, and blue accents. English Setter gifts and collectibles show off the proud physique of the breed. When the Setter is healthy and loved, it is a gentle, playful, affectionate puppy.

What does an English Setter look like?

In images, the English Setter looks like many other “setting dogs.” Originally, this dog breed was made to help with bird hunting. Before long, the first English Setter paintings began to appear. These early collectibles showed off the trained setter in his natural element. This medium-sized breed has a domed muzzle, a gentle expression, and a muscular neck. A breeder looks for features like a flowing coat with speckling of other colors.