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Ergotron Computer Monitor Mounts and Stands

Computer monitor mounts and stands are a standard appliance for the home or work office. Whether running a single-, dual-, or multiple-monitor setup, these mounts can improve the workspace ergonomics by reducing eye, neck, and upper back strain when working for extended periods. Mounts and stands are also designed to open up the desk space and create a clean and inviting workstation.

What is bezel compensation?

Traditional multi-monitor setups treated objects moving from one panel to another differently. Objects jumped crudely from one display to another. This repeatedly caused the object to be misaligned by either being higher or lower than desired, and it often compromises the user experience. Bezel compensation is a feature that can remedy this effect by treating the plastic or metallic bezel like an object that applications pass behind. In effect, the objects are no longer misaligned and remain proper when moving from one screen to another.

Are Ergotron products green?

Ergotron products are designed to be durable, adaptable, and purchased for long-term use for business or personal purposes. When investing in an Ergotron hardware solution, get tested hardware that complies with all the international environmental regulations relating to its design, manufacture, and packaging. Ergotron is also committed to following all laws and regulations with regards to human health and environmental risk.

Are Ergotron mounts and monitor arms gentle on your desk?

Ergotron designs its elements for safe use on all desks. They are made to evenly distribute the weight of the monitors on the desk base, and they also have soft, rubber padding that prevents scratching and abrasion at the point where the mount and the desk meet. They can maintain their appeal and also prevent damage to the surfaces that they sit on during the day.

What types of displays are compatible with the Ergotron mounts?

The company's product designs are created to be in line with the Flat Displaying Mounting Interface (FDMI) and the Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) by the Video Electronics Standards Association. When searching for a TV or monitor, look for VESA Mounting Compliance for easy clamping onto any Ergotron wall mount, desk mount, or monitor arm. The monitor should include a VESA MIS-D, MIS-E, or MIS-F hole-mount pattern for attachment to Ergotron products.

Do Ergotron monitor mounts use spring-lift technology?

A culmination of intense engineering, Ergotron has shifted away from conventional gas-spring lift technology to their patented Constant Force Technology. This technology is capable of supporting a variety of monitor weights and can be easy to adjust. It is created to have more motion and less effort used across the system, and this technology can also help to enhance productivity and wellness for its users on a daily basis for a boost in productivity.

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