Extra Wide EE+ Boots for Men

How to Choose Extra Wide EE Boots for Men

You love wearing boots, but the regular wide sizes for men like E and W still dont feel roomy enough; however, EE boots (also called extra wide boots), might be just spacious enough to allow you to enjoy wearing boots comfortably. Though EE may not be the most common boot width available, there are numerous styles and brands from which to pick. 

What Are Some Available Boot Styles?

Boots are some of the most versatile shoes available for men. You can wear them casually, wear them to work, or even wear them for dressy occasions. Select the right boot style for you that complements your personal aesthetic as well as the particular occasion at hand.

  • Cowboy boots look good with jeans, chinos, or trousers. They come in a wide variety of colors and materials, including leather and snakeskin. These boots simply pull on and can instantly enhance any outfit, even if youre not a cowboy.
  • Hiking boots are typically lace-up boots with features meant for off-road use and rocky terrain. These work well for outdoor purposes. 
  • Work boots are sturdy boots with features to add traction and cushioning meant for work purposes. Theyre generally comfortable enough to wear all day, and they offer high performance to fit situations that call for sturdy and strong footwear. 

Which Brands Make Extra-Wide Boots for Men?

Looking for extra-wide boots for men means taking several factors into consideration, including style and brand. There are multiple manufacturers to pick from according to the style and type of boot you need. 

  • Timberland is a maker of tough designs that not only have an appealing aesthetic, but theyre sturdy enough for work or off-road wear. These shoes come in many styles and colors available that include brown and tan.
  • For cowboy styles, Ariat fits the bill. It offers a wide range of sizes, and the company not only makes cowboy boots, but it also creates work boots, trail, and ankle designs.
  • Skechers creates footwear with features that make them a fit for work as well as casual purposes. It also offers trail shoes in addition to slip-on styles. 

What Are Some Features of Extra-Wide Boots?

While style is important, features of footwear for men can have an impact on your decision-making process. Certain features may be important than others, especially if boots are worn for work. 

  • Waterproof and water-resistant styles keep your feet dry and protect your shoes from the elements. This is an important feature if you work around water or if you like to wear your shoes outdoors for hiking or other activities.
  • Steel-toed options for men keep your toes and feet protected from impact or protect you if you slip and fall. Steel toes provide an added layer of protection for your feet.
  • Choose a slip-resistant shoe with added traction to avoid an accident at the worksite or just for everyday wear. Many companies and styles for men offer this feature.