Máquinas de fax

Fax Machines

Fax machines are used for sending documents electronically via a telephone network. Transmissions sent by this machine are called faxes. The transmissions occur between two fax machines or an online fax service that can receive and send faxes.

What are the different types of fax machines?

The types may vary to deliver an array of specifications that perfectly suit businesses of various sizes.

  • Laser Fax Machines: These use static electricity as a kind of adhesive. When it prints out a fax, the massive dry ink rotary emits powdered ink. The electrical shapes found in the paper attract the ink, thus creating a copy of received digital images.
  • Inkjet Fax Machines: This works by using inkjet compatible inks to create a digital image. These machines, as well as their cartridges and other supplies, are manufactured by large companies.
  • Thermal Fax Machines: They make use of an ink ribbon instead of cartridges. During an incoming fax transfer, heat is generated, and the ink melts on the paper creating the digital images.
Can you receive phone calls on a fax machine?

Some digital fax machines contain applications that allow you to use your local number or a toll-free number for both voice calls and faxes. Other communication solutions that can be offered by them include screening, forwarding, and dialing calls. They can also take voicemails, receive and send faxes, and also alert you to crucial messages.

Can fax machines work wirelessly?

There are a number of methods you can use to fax wirelessly depending on what technology you have.

  • Cellular Wireless: This is possible through a cellular connection whereby the fax service poses as virtual fax machines that allow you to receive and send text via an app, a web interface, or email.
  • Wi-Fi wireless: Smartphone, tablet, and computer users who want to fax over a Wi-Fi connection can do so with speed via an online fax service accessed through the internet. However, the fax machines still require a physical connection through a landline phone.
  • Fax machines with a wireless connection: This type can connect to a mobile phone network. Depending on the network they are operating on, they may be known as CDMA or GSM fax machines.
What are some features of fax machine communication?

Communicating by fax machine has a unique set of features. It is a common method of sending paper documents from one place to another.

  • Rapid Document Transfer: With this machine, there is no need to rely on messenger services since you will be able to quickly send documents from one point to the other. This makes the rapid transfer easy.
  • Proof of Sending: These machines provide a receipt once you end your fax, thus you have evidence that you sent the document that you claim to have sent. This is important, as it can act as evidence that you followed through with your part of the deal.
  • Simplicity of installation: Installation is a straightforward procedure. There are no complex installation procedures you need to know about prior to installation. By following through the user manual you will be finished within a short time.