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Add Intriguing Adult Picture Books to Your Library

Just like children's picture books, adult picture books are filled with fun art that tells a story in just a few pages. However, they are a little different due to more mature themes or more elaborate artwork. An adult picture book set can be an amusing novelty gift or a lovely addition to a home library.

How to pick adult picture books

Choosing a picture book starts by thinking about what sort of book you want. Are you looking for something that will be a conversation starter on the coffee table or do you want a gag gift for a friend? You may want to consider books you loved as a child and see if you can find any adult books in the same style. Another option is looking for picture books written by favorite comedians or web cartoonists.

Who are some common adult picture book authors?

Here are a few authors known for writing several adult picture books:

  • Avery Monsen: Monsen writes the All My Friends Are Dead picture book set that features a lovable dinosaur discussing its dead friends.
  • Adam Mansbach: Mansbach started his adult picture book series about the struggles of parenting with Go the F**k to Sleep, and has since added other books about frustrated parents trying to get their kids to eat and get along with siblings.
  • Chris Ferrie: Ferrie's books parody favorites like Goodnight Moon, but they focus on adult subjects like rocket science and quantum entanglement.
  • Ann Shen: Shen writes historical picture books like Bad Girls Throughout History, about iconic women who rewrote the rule book.
Collectible picture books

If you want picture books that will last for years and become treasured collectibles, then you need to look for well-made books with a lot of sentimental or artistic value. Hardcover picture books are a great addition to a collection since they can stand up to both adults and kids constantly flipping through the pages. Books with pop-up designs for lovely photographs can be works of art. You may also want to check out first editions or collectible sets. Collectible picture book sets can feature multiple books by the same author, and they often have limited-edition covers and designs to add to their aesthetic appeal.

Adult picture book genres

There are all sorts of genres available when you shop for adult picture books. Some of the ones you will find frequently include:

  • Humor picture books
  • Fantasy picture books
  • Educational picture books
  • Self-help picture books
  • Fairy tale picture books