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Fitness Hand Grippers

Hand grippers can help you build hand strength along with power in your finger, wrist, and forearm regions. Here are a few tips to help you find the appropriate hand gripper for your needs.

What materials are available for hand grippers?

There are various materials used to create grip strengtheners, and each one has its own benefits and feels different in the hand. There are three in particular that are most commonly used. You can get gripping units in plastic, metal, or foam.

  • Plastic: This material is easily molded so that it can be made into unique shapes.
  • Metal: The most common metal used here is steel, but there are other metals available as well. They are intentionally rough on the hand to create calluses.
  • Foam: Most of these gripping units have foam wrapped around another material like metal or plastic. The foam acts soft on the hand and fingers while you use the gripper to build wrist and forearm strength.
What weight should you choose with hand grippers?

As gripping measurements may vary from brand to brand, and preferences will vary according to individual taste, there are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a gripper weight.

If you only intend on buying a single gripper for your hand, then choose one that you can do 10 to 12 repetitions with at moderate difficulty. Choosing one that is too light may not improve grip strength, while one that is too difficult may make it hard to properly complete repetitions. If you do want a more challenging gripper, then choose one where you can only do 8 to 10 repetitions at moderate difficulty.

What type of handles are available for hand grippers?

You will find that gripper units come with many different types of handles that offer varying levels of challenge, comfort, and ergonomic support. This is largely up to preference since each serves a different purpose and some will work with your hand better than others. Here are just a few grippers that are offered on market.

  • Straight: These are just straight handles. Usually, they have a crisscross pattern to improve grip and help build calluses. Most metal and some plastic grip units have these handles.
  • Ergonomic: These gripper units are typically made from foam, while some are made from plastic. They are made for a comfortable grip and tend to have several finger notches.
  • Curved: Curved handles give a more natural feel when you squeeze. These units are primarily made from plastic.