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The Perks of Glider Machines

When you want to get into shape at home, try out an easy glider machine. These machines are basically like a more compact, affordable version of an elliptical. Some are even collapsible, so they take up almost no space when not in use. To operate them, all you do is put your legs on the pedals and move them back and forth. Gliders can be a great way of improving fitness. They provide you with cardio exercise that doesn't put extra stress on the joints.

Do you need a glider with resistance?

Some gliders offer the option of turning up the resistance on the machine while others just have a free range of motion. The perk of gliders without adjustable resistance is that they are more affordable and simpler to use. However, without resistance, you are essentially just swinging your arms and legs back and forth.

This can still be a form of gentle cardio that helps you get in shape, but it is harder to progress to the next level when you cannot up the intensity of your workout. In addition to helping you gradually improve, gliders with resistance can also cut back on your workout time. You can turn up the resistance to get an intense workout without having to spend an hour on the machine.

Making sure your glider machine suits your build

A very important part of shopping for glider machines is finding one that works with your height and weight. Most gliders are only safe for those under 300 pounds, so check the carrying capacity carefully. If you are very tall or very short, you should also check the glider's stride length. Those who need a machine that accommodates their height can search for ones with an adjustable seat or handles.

What should you look for in a glider display?

The most essential thing on any glider display is usually the ability to set a timer for your workouts. It can also be very motivating to have a display that shows your speed, the distance you ran, or the calories you burned. For machines with adjustable resistance, it can be helpful to have a display that shows exactly which resistance the machine is set to. Check to make sure the display has plenty of space for all the data. If possible, go with an LED display. LED displays make it easier to read the information.