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GE Personal Cassette Players

What to Consider When Looking for a Cassette Player

A portable cassette player from GE provides you with entertainment while on the go. Several points go into such portable players that General Electric has to offer.

Battery Power

The battery power that your cassette player and recorder works off of should be examined. Your cassette player might need a few AA or AAA batteries depending on its size. A small opening should be included on the side to help you add the batteries into the stereo. The design of the Walkman is still smaller than what you would get out of a boombox, thus ensuring you can use less power to make it work.

How Recording Works

A small microphone may be found on your tape player. This feature may be utilized on your Walkman through a few steps:

  1. Insert a blank cassette tape into the player.
  2. Press the record button on the unit.
  3. Position the built-in microphone towards whatever you are trying to record.
  4. Press the stop button after you are done recording.
  5. A small built-in speaker may be included in your model. You can use this to immediately play back whatever you just recorded.

This should be utilized on any cassette you add into the player. Your cassette player can record data on short and long-play tapes alike.

Headphone Support

Your cassette player should include a port that lets you plug your headphones into the unit. A 3.5mm jack is utilized in most cases as it is the more common standard on most portable cassette players and other similar devices. The headphones should play back full stereo sound off of your cassette. You can use both portable ear buds or larger traditional headphones on your personal cassette unit.

Radio Functionality

Be aware of a few features relating to how the radio on your cassette unit works:

  • Band support. AM and FM bands should be covered on the radio.
  • Frequency control. Your compact player may feature a small knob that lets you adjust the frequency, but other models also come with digital controls. A small display screen may show the certain frequency you are on.
  • Pre-sets. You can program your own personal pre-sets through a few buttons.

USB Support

Your GE cassette recorder may also come with a USB plug space. You can use this to link your cassette unit to a computer. This may pair with a computer program where the content on your tape can be recorded onto that computer. This solution for digitally saving your cassette data may be used for when you need backup copies of what you record or if you are trying to move the audio thats on your existing cassette tapes onto a hard drive or other portable media player.

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