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Garmin Car GPS Units

Everything You Need to Know About Garmin GPS

With the U.S. Army as their first customer, Garmin GPS systems continue to represent some of the most innovative navigation systems available. Garmin now offers a wide range of products from systems used in aviation to wearables such as watches. You can find Garmin USA products on eBay.

What can a Garmin GPS do?

The Garmin GPS navigation for car gives you turn-by-turn directions to get you where you need to go. It can provide your estimated time of arrival. It also gives you current information on the speed limit and gauge your current speed. Another useful feature is that it provides information on the current posted speed limit for your particular stretch of road. The Garmin GPS Nuvi also gives you information on traffic, delays, and how long you can expect to spend getting to your location based on these variables.

What products does Garmin make for the outdoors?

Garmin makes a number of products for the outdoors. They include:

  • Garmin Handheld GPS models - These include topo maps and satellite imagery.
  • Garmin wrist GPS models - These can also measure your heart rate and play music.
  • Garmin GPS watch models - These are rugged and made for harsh environments.
  • Garmin marine GPS products - These provide coastal charts and auto-guidance systems.

What products does Garmin make for sportsmen and fishermen?

Garmin makes a host of products for hunters and fishermen. These products include fish finders, chart plotters, cameras, and a number of wearable and handheld GPS devices. For hunters, they have an auto-ranging digital bow sight with LED pins. They also make an in-vehicle dog tracker and GPS navigator as well as a snap-on device for automatic bark correction. Garmin offers many devices that are sports specific, such as systems designed for swimming, geocaching, hiking, and a number of other outdoor activities.

Are Garmin GPS products waterproof?

Garmin makes GPS products in two different categories: those that are waterproof and those that are not designed to be used in wet environments. Those that are waterproof will carry an international standard IPX7 rating. This means that they can be fully immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter without experiencing any damage. Those that are designed for hiking, trails, and motorcycle activities have a lower waterproof rating than those that are designed for marine activities or swimming. To determine if your Garmin GPS is waterproof, look for this rating on your products packaging or in the manual that comes with it.

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