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Giant Brand Bicycles

Giant is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Based in Taiwan, Giant brand road bikes and mountain bikes are highly durable, innovative, and fun to ride. Popular Giant bicycle categories include Full-E, Road-E, and Dirt-E machines, each of which has unique benefits.

What types of Giant bikes are there?

There are five main categories of bikes made by Giant. They include the following:

  • Road bikes: Road bikes include sports bikes, performance bikes, and lifestyle bikes. These Giant road bikes are designed to be ridden on paved roads, including city streets or on mountain passes.
  • X-road bikes: X-road machines are designed for both road riding and dirt riding. These bicycles are popular for those who ride in a variety of different environments.
  • Off-road bikes: Off-road bikes from Giant have wheels with larger tires that are designed to take on rough terrain in a number of different environments.
  • E-bikes: These electric bikes and hybrid bikes often come with a motor that allows casual riders to travel further. The motor makes electric bikes popular for use as a main form of transportation or for fitness.
  • Youth bikes: Youth models are made for smaller and younger riders who enjoy going off-roading or who are interested in learning trick riding. Youth DMX models are particularly popular among younger riders.
What are the benefits of Giant bikes?

Giant products are designed to provide you with a comfortable ride and a number of other benefits that include the following:

  • Safety: Bikes made by Giant are designed to give riders more control over their balance and speed, which enhances safety.
  • Ride performance: The high-quality build of bikes made by Giant provide a smoother ride.
  • Durability: Giant uses proprietary materials, build processes, and resins to handcraft each bike. As a result, these bikes can last for decades when well maintenance.
  • Quality: The materials used by Giant are high quality, meaning the bikes can withstand more exposure to potentially damaging elements.
  • Innovation: Giant is known for using innovative technology in their bicycles that results in cutting-edge designs.
How do you maintain a bike made by Giant?

Although bicycles made by Giant are durable for riders of all skill levels, regular maintenance can ensure that the bike remains safe and efficient. Cyclists should do three quick things on a regular basis to keep their equipment in tip-top condition:

  • Clean the seat post: If you fail to clean your seat post regularly, it may become stuck. Make sure to mark where your seat goes before removing it and wiping off the post.
  • Lube the cable guide: The derailleur cables should be cleaned out and lubed to prevent friction and allow for more precise cable adjustment.
  • Clean the chain: If the chain on your Giant is dusty or muddy, wipe off as much grime as you can and reapply chain lube if needed. Keeping the chain clean gives you better ride performance.