Accesorios para el cabello de Niñas

Girl's Hair Accessories

Get your little one's hair looking even more fabulous with girl's hair accessories, from dainty little clips to pretty headbands.

Hair Essentials

Any little lady with short to long hair needs some essentials to keep their hair in check. A daily go-to is the simple hair tie or hair band. Take a look at multi-packs of plain or colorful hair bands to keep her locks in order.

Hair ties are also important for when she's doing sports, activities or any other hobby that requires her to keep her hair out of her face for concentration. Another little essential is hair clips, whether you're looking for grips or clip-ins. They can keep hair from falling in her face and tuck the fringe away.

Hair Bands

Popular from tiny little girls to fully grown women, hair bands are great for adding a touch of personality to any look and they can also keep any hair from getting in the eyes.

Choose classic hair bands and Alice bands, wavy styles or adorned hair pieces. There are so many different colors to choose from and you can get plastic or fabric styles. Go with a plastic style with built-in teeth to comb back her locks and keep any hair out of her face when she's got a busy day ahead.

Pretty Adornments

If your little princess wants to wear pretty pieces in her hair, there are a number of ways to do this. Choose embellished hair ties, clips or hairbands. You can choose bows, flowers, gems or more in a mixture of colors to match her favourite outfit or school uniform. She'll love pretty hair accessories for special occasions too! Choose delicate gems or fun flower crowns.

Other Hair Accessories

Crocheted hair bands are a great way to keep her ears warm while still looking fashionable. Any crocheted or knitted hair accessories are especially great for baby girls as they are easy to put on and will keep them cosy.