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Gitzo Camera Tripod: Versatile and Easy to Use

The Gitzo camera tripod offers a wide variety of features and styles for both novice and experienced photographers to choose from. Made of carbon fiber material, the Gitzo tripod is rigid and sturdy, while being lightweight and easy to carry. Designed to be used by both travelers and non-travelers, using the versatile and portable compact tripod allows you to capture treasured moments by attaching your camera to the equipment you want.

What features does the Gitzo tripod offer?

Made of lightweight carbon fiber, the Gitzo tripod offers a variety of features including a quick release, automatic lock, reversible center post, leg angle adjustment, and flip lock. Additional features of the Gitzo carbon fiber tripod are:

  • 360-degree rotation: allows for a full range of views
  • Leveling indicators: assures that your tripod is level and shot is ready to take
  • Foldable: makes for easy storage and carrying
  • Rubber feet: protects surfaces from scratches and scrapes
  • Water-resistant: makes for easy cleanup and resist rust
What types of accessory equipment will the Gitzo fit?

Regardless of whether you are traveling, mountain hiking, sailing, at a family gathering, at the zoo, or shooting nighttime photos, you can attach your desired adaptable accessory to the Gitzo to help you get the perfect shot, or for other uses. Equipment that can be attached includes:

  • Binoculars: allows for long-distance views if you are hunting in the woods or the mountains
  • Camcorder: allows you to videotape events for showing family and friends
  • Camera: use to take point-and-click shots
  • Telescope: great for viewing night skies and long distances
Is Gitzo compatible with other name brands?

Not only does the tripod work with Gitzo products, but photographers can also mount and secure their favorite equipment brands to the Gitzo. A wide range of brands can be adapted including Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sony, Benro, Canon, Fujifilm, and Konica Minolta.

What types of heads does the Gitzo have?

There are a variety of heads available for mounting equipment. The list of heads include:

  • Ball head
  • Fluid head
  • Headless
  • Pan/tilt head
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