Accesorios de Golf

Golf Accessories

Golf accessories make the game more enjoyable for the seasoned golfer as well as the novice. Accessories like gloves, bags, towels, hats, golf shoes, umbrellas, and visors are just some of the most common items used in men's and ladies' golf. In addition to their convenience, some accessories can also improve your game.

What golf accessories do you need?

Like any other hobby or sport, golf players may collect accessories without really considering what they need. However, there are some more commonly used items that should go in a beginners’ as well as a seasoned players’ golf bag. It is important to have items like golf tees and balls. Items like golf shoes and golf gloves protect the hands and feet, while visors protect the eyes and the head. Care items such as a first-aid kit or sunscreen should also be in the golfer’s tote. On large courses, the player may also use a golf cart in addition to a bag.

What is a golf divot tool used for?

A divot tool repairs the divot on the green. Divots are the little dents and tiny holes that result when a golfer’s club hits the ground when they swing or when the balls land a certain way on the green. Having a tool like this allows you to repair the hole. Several types of these accessories exist. Basically, these tools put the grass back into place, thus repairing the green.

What is a golf ball marker used for?

This accessory is most commonly used on the green. It is a flat, usually disc-shaped object that golfers place on the ground to mark where their ball stopped. The player places the piece behind the ball before they remove the ball from the green. For golfers who do not have a marker in their golf bags, a large coin will do the job.

What is the golf towel for?

This accessory allows the player to wipe sweat from his or her hands during the game. Golfers also use it to wipe dampness away from a ball that has sat on the wet green. Players sometimes attach these items onto their bags, which keeps them in reach of the golfer's hands.

What is the golf stick called?

The “stick” is actually the golf club. Players use more than one golf club during a game, depending on the needs of a shot. Each one has a shaft, which is the stick part, and a head. Some are made from wood and iron. Others are made solely from iron.