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Golf Visors and Hats

Golf hats have evolved from the early days of the game, much like the rest of the fashion worn to play. There are many different styles available, and your choice can depend on your preferences or on where you are playing. While you do have to adhere to a dress code in most places, your hat is where you can have some wiggle room to show your personal style.

What is an Ivy hat?

Ivy hats are also known as flat caps, cabbie caps, driving caps, and golf caps. The telltale feature of these types of hats is usually a buttoned-down brim. They are typically made of a different material than traditional baseball caps. These hats are often worn to play golf and are a widely selected choice among the clientele of golf clubs.

How are golf caps sized?

Some caps are sized as one size fits all, while others are sized as small, medium, large, and extra large. The sizing usually depends on the brand of the particular cap. If you are unsure what your size would be, finding a one size fits all is probably the safest place to start. Keep in mind that some caps are adjustable, so you may still be able to wear a size that appears to be too large.

Do golf caps come in men's and women's styles?

While some golf caps are listed as men's or women's styles, the choice is up to the customer. If you are not shopping for a one size fits all cap, then some of the sizing may vary, but other than that, the styles are only limited by your own preferences. Keep in mind that many caps are adjustable. Most brands will offer tour styles for both men and women. It is also important to note that a common color for golf hats is white because it helps reflect sunlight away from your face and helps to improve your performance.

What other types of golf caps are there?

While the traditional golf cap is made of cloth or cotton and has a distinctive look, there are many different varieties of styles now available. There are golf caps that look like baseball caps with mesh material and a brim to shield you from the sun. There are golf visors, which are sometimes only secured to your head with a head strap. There are even golf caps that are styled more like beanies. An important thing to keep in mind when selecting features is whether you want a specific tour style, if you are looking for performance, or if you want to shield yourself from the sun.

Are golf hats required to play golf?

Most golf courses have a dress code that they expect players to respect. However, golf hats are typically not required to be worn. If you are going to wear a hat, a golf hat is usually the only acceptable form of dress. If you are playing in a PGA match, the dress code is a bit more strict, and you will likely see golf players with sponsors listed on their hats.

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