Piezas para guitarra y bajo

Guitar Parts

If you are an avid guitar player, you probably get extensive use out of your guitar and may wear out its strings. If you enjoy restoring or building your own guitars, you will need to gather the necessary parts, such as a neck or body, to complete your stringed vision. In either case, you may need particular guitar parts to repair or build your guitar.

What are the parts of a guitar?

Here is a list of the parts that are found in every guitar:

  • Strings: These are what you strum when playing. Most guitars have six strings that are tuned to E-A-D-G-B-E.
  • Bridge: This structure supports the strings and transmits their vibrations to the soundboard.
  • Tuning Pegs: These help the strings remain on the instrument. Loosening or tightening the tuning pegs will change the pitch.
  • Knobs: These control the tone and volume of the guitar.
  • Neck: This is the elongated and thin part, at the end of which lies the headstock, which supports the tuners.
  • Body: This is the largest part of the guitar. It includes the treble, the part closest to the neck; the bass, which is the widest part of the body; and the waist bout, the narrow part between the treble and bass.
  • Switch: This is often used when the guitar has separate neck and body pickups. You can use the switch to select either one.
  • Jacks: This is what you use to connect your guitar to the amplifier.
  • Sound Hole: This allows equal air pressure to allow the soundboard to vibrate.
How do you choose a new body for your guitar?

The guitar body you buy to replace the old one is dependent on how you want your instrument to resonate. The type of music you play will determine how you want your guitar to sound. These are the factors you need to consider:

  • The size and shape of the body
  • If the body is hollow or solid
  • The type of wood used
  • Whether the body is made from a single wood piece or plywood
How do you choose a new neck for your guitar?

How thick your hands and fingers are and the size of those parts are the most important factors in buying a new neck for your guitar. You need to be able to play comfortably. You need to look at its particular shape and the type of wood it is made of. You can try out different ones and see which works best for you.