Pedales de efectos para guitarra

Guitar Effects Pedals

What do multi-effect guitar pedals do?

Guitar effects pedals alter the pitch, tone, and sound of your electric guitar or bass guitar, and as such, it is important to ensure you are armed with as much knowledge about them as possible before making a selection. The alterations made by these effects pedals include acoustic effects, compression, delay, reverb, distortion, overdrive, equalization, loopers, samplers, noise gates, pitch, octave, modulation effects, wah, multi effectors, volume, expression, and filters. They are available from brands such as Boss, MXR, TC Electronic, Electro-Harmonix, Catalinbread, and Fulltone.

What are the features of the Line 6 POD HD500X?

Guitar pedal multi-effects units comprise several effects in just one package. Multi-effects units utilize digital processing to bring out different sound effects when playing guitar. These digital multi-effects pedals come with internal memory in order to save your individual settings. Among the top-rated multi-effects brands you might want to check out are the DigiTech RP and GNX series, the Boss ME-20 and ME-50 models, the Boss GT-6 and GT-8, the Zoom G2, G3, and G5, various Behringer models, and the Line 6 POD.

The Line 6 POD HD500X features a collection of HD amps and effects. This pedal has a professional-grade, backlit footswitch for smooth operation. It also features a command center for the guitar rig and robust power and flexibility for total creativity.

What are the features of the Zoom G3X?

The Zoom G3X features a built-in wah-wah expression pedal that controls the sound parameters in real time. It has over 100 effects and 22-amp models that bring out the amazing sounds of your guitar. This distortion pedal also features a stompbox with over 100 stage-ready effects. For computer recording, this pedal has a USB audio interface for Mac and PC. In addition, it has a balanced line-level output, an onboard chromatic tuner, and an integrated drum machine. Its 40-second looper gives it overdubbing capabilities.

What are the features of the DigiTech Element XP pedal?

Beginners want to hear the changes in their sound and get the blues, funk, and rock genres on their guitar. The DigiTech Element XP comprises essential features that enable a beginner guitarist to get more out of their guitar while still maintaining quality. These units also have durable metal foot-switches and an inclusive power supply. Other features include:

  • 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate.
  • 58 effects, including 12 amps, nine cabinets, and 37 stomp boxes.
  • 200 presets, 100 user presents, and 100 factory presets.
  • 45 quality drum patterns.
  • A built-in chromatic tuner and expression pedal.
  • Up to 20 tone/FX bank combinations.