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Guitar Hero Wired Controllers

What Do I Need to Know about Video Game Controllers and Attachments?  

Guitar Hero is a popular video game to play with friends. It comes with a guitar-shaped controller that you and your friends have to "play" in order to unlock achievements. But what do you need to know about these video game controllers and attachments?

Which Should I get? A Wireless or Wired Controller?

There are some arguments to be made for both wireless game controllers and wired game controllers. 

  • Most people are worried about the "lag" they might experience with wireless controllers when they play the guitar. 
  • However, most people have discovered that the biggest contributor to lag is actually their television settings. 
  • Wireless controllers might have a problem working if there are too many other wireless devices running on the same signal. 
  • Wired guitar controllers have less of a problem with this since theres less information for it to send to the game itself. 
  • Ultimately theres very little difference in gameplay between a wireless guitar and a wired guitar. Having problems with lag and its not your TV settings? You might want to get a wired controller. 

What Controller Works as the Bass and Guitar on the Rock Band Game?

Guitar Hero was a hugely popular game for parties, so it was no surprise that Rock Band was later introduced. But can you use the wired guitar from Guitar Hero with your Rock Band game?

  • The answer to this depends on what console youre using, and what version of the controller you have. 
  • The Les Paul controller and the Gibson Xplorer can both work with Rock Band on the Xbox 360. 
  • The problem with using these guitars with Rock Band is that you wont be able to use many of the extra features. You cant activate echo, flanger, and other sound effects unless you have the original Rock Band guitar controller. 
  • Have these games for the PlayStation or the Wii? You wont be able to use one controller with the other.

What About Other Accessories?

What are some of the other things you can get for this game?

  • You can purchase special edition wired and wireless guitars. 
  • There are Aerosmith guitars, as well as different models like the Gibson Les Paul. 
  • As weve already mentioned, you can use some of your Guitar Hero controllers with Rock Band. 
  • You can also get different controllers for the Rock Band game like drum kits, drumsticks and bass guitars. 

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