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HERMÈS 100% Silk Ties for Men

Hermes 100 Percent Silk Ties For Men

Tie off your sartorially impeccable suit with a full Windsor knot on your mens Hermes 100 percent silk tie to impress at that formal function. A lord among ties, a Hermes tie is certain to make you stand out on occasions where you need to get your message across succinctly.

About Hermes Paris

From its founding in France in 1837, luxury French high fashion brand Hermes Paris strives to accommodate the needs of discerning men and women for whom nothing but the finest will do with satisfactory trappings. Hermes products range from equestrian goods, couture apparel, shoes, bags, and fragrances to fashion accessories, such as leather belts, scarves, and ties.

Why Are Mens Hermes 100 Percent Silk Ties Such a Big Deal?

Fashion-forward gentlemen seek Hermes 100 percent silk ties for the following reasons:

  • Craftsmanship: Hermes creates hand-sewn signature ties using a labor-intensive artistic process that results in the rich, distinctive detailing and delightful motifs beloved by men everywhere. This process is so complex that it takes two months for a tie to move from a raw silk harvest to a finished product.
  • Premium Material: Hermes ties consist of 100 percent raw silk. Thus, they are soft with an unmatched luster when compared to other fabrics. Since silk also has hypoallergenic qualities, Hermes ties are safe for even the most sensitive skin.
  • Lasting Appeal: Not only do the hand-folded silk twill ties knot, drape, and dimple well, they also last through generations when cared for with love. The classic patterns are timeless and certain to complement any wardrobe.

How Do I Check For Authenticity In Mens Hermes 100 Percent Silk Ties?

The high demand for Hermes ties has, unfortunately, resulted in a counterfeit market that offers substandard ties to unsuspecting consumers. Look for distinguishing features that you can only find on an authentic Hermes silk tie. These include:

  • The Interior Lining: A genuine Hermes tie has an interior lining in a solid color in the same hue as the background color on the front pattern. Counterfeit ties usually have a black background.
  • The Fold: The back of the tie has a dovetail fold from left to right.
  • The Signature Stamp and Logo: Hermes prints its square stamp onto the fabric and features the horse and carriage Hermes logo.
  • The Direction of the Twill: The bias on the silk twill runs at a diagonal, at 11 oclock to 5 oclock for the classic patterns and at 8 oclock to 2 oclock for the newer patterns.

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