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HERMÈS Bags & Handbags for Women

Be a Fashion Icon with a Hermes Handbag for Women

The French fashion brand Hermes produces a line of luxury goods for men and women. Since its establishment in the 19th century, the brand has expanded its product line to designer ready-to-wear, and leather products such as the highly coveted Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags. You can find pre-owned and new Hermes bags on eBay.

What types of bags are produced by Hermes?

Hermes produces a range of bag styles for women.

  • Handbags: The label is known for their Hermes Birkin, Kelly, and other iconic handbags.
  • Backpack: Their backpack range includes the city back and flash models, which are priced for a little less than $10,000. There are also Birkin crossbody bags and shoulder bags for those with a more casual taste.
  • Totes and Satchels: They offer a range of totes and satchels, including the orange Etriviere tote design.
  • Purses and Clutch Bags: The black Medor clutch is one of the most expensive in this product line. Hermes also offers the more affordable envelope purse and clutch model in rose and other colors.
What are some of the iconic bags produced by Hermes?

The fashion brand has produced several well-known bags over the years. Below are just some of these products:

  • Hermes Birkin: This handbag is inspired by the actress Jane Birkin. Depending on the rarity, each item costs more than $10,000. To preserve the value of the item, limited numbers are distributed to the stores. It has two handles compared to the Kelly.
  • The Kelly: This trapezium-shaped leather handbag is inspired by the actress Grace Kelly. The single-handed bag has white or yellow gold hardware. Each item costs more than $10,000, depending on the condition and other details.
What are the distinct features of a Hermes bag?

Hermes incorporates distinct product details in its luxury leather products. For example, each Birkin has a set of gold or palladium plated lock and key with distinct serial numbers. The same goes for other Hermes handbag models with a lock and key set. The brand also utilizes real leather, including crocodile, cowhide, calfskin, and ostrich. Its crocodile skin bags come in matte and shiny options. Another authentication feature is the distinct ID number stamped on each product.

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