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Swing for Success with Honma Golf Clubs

If you enjoy playing golf and want to outfit yourself with new or different golf clubs, check out the selection of reasonably priced Honma golf clubs on eBay. Honma has been in the business since 1959 and has grown to be a premium company known worldwide. You can likely get equipment that matches you well if you go with Honma golf equipment.

How should you choose golf clubs?

You'll have to think about the type of player you currently are as well as what skills you hope to have in the future. Some of the important components are:

  • Grip: A club could have a standard, midsize, or oversize/jumbo grip. What you choose will depend on the size of your hand. Some grips are more weather-resistant and textured, whereas others are smoother.
  • Shaft: Shafts are differentiated by their flex. Stiff and extra stiff shafts are ideal for skilled players and those who hit with a lot of power. There are also regular-, ladies-, amateur-, and senior-flex shafts. It's a good idea to be realistic in this area, as getting the right flex can help you square your club and control your shots.
  • Hosel: On most Honma clubs, the hosel is set and can't be adjusted. On some of the T//World models, you may be able to adjust the hosel, allowing you to get the optimal angle.
  • Materials: Many of the premium golf clubs are made with graphite, titanium, steel, and other strong and lightweight metals.
Beres clubs

Honma's Beres collection includes many types of new and used golf clubs, including:

  • Beres S-06 2-Star Driver: This club has a 9.5 loft and regular flex. Its wraparound sole slot was incorporated to increase speed, and the club has a low center of gravity, giving it a large sweet spot.
  • Beres PP-202 Putter: This mild-forged putter is designed for those who have stable strokes on the green. It comes in nickel platinum, nickel gold, and 24K finishes.
  • Beres Ladies' IE-06 4-Star Iron: Specifically designed for ladies, this iron has a 5 loft, a 20g tungsten sole inlay, and a large, thin face. Ladies' clubs similar to this model may have a cheaper Honma golf club price.
Hybrid golf clubs

If you're in a situation where you need to hit somewhere between a driver and a long iron, consider using a hybrid golf club. These generally hit high and soft, which can help with your ball placement as you approach the green. Honma golf hybrids include the:

  • Beres U-06 Hybrid
  • Beres Ladies U-06 Hybrid
  • T//World XP-1 Hybrid
  • T//World 747 Hybrid
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