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Store Your Important Files on an HP Internal Drive

HP makes a wide variety of hard disk drives for computers. You can browse through the array of inexpensive drives on eBay to find the one that works with your system.

What features can you find in HP hard drives?

All HP hard drives will hold your data, but you can add extra features for your convenience. Some common features you'll find during your search are:

  • Low noise: These drives use exceptionally quiet parts to run and to not create excess noise.
  • Temperature sensor: Your drive may warm up as it spins faster and starts working harder. This sensor will alert you to a hot hard drive.
  • Workload detection: This feature can tell you if the drive is reaching its maximum workload cache.
How does rotational speed affect an HP hard drive?

All hard disk drives turn on their trays and perform a set number of rotations each minute. Hard disks use mechanical parts during the rotational process to transfer data to and from the disk. The higher a disk's rotation speed, the quicker it can process your computer's data for you. Most HP hard disks will read all sectors at once, and their rotational speeds will remain constant while the computer is working. A fan helps to keep the disk cool as it warms up and as it spins. If your computer needs a minimum rotational speed, you can use eBay's categories to choose options such as 4200, 5000, 5700, or 7000 RPMs.

How do HP hard drives connect to your computer?

A hard disk drive's interface determines how you will plug it into your computer. You can browse through eBay's selection of new and refurbished drives to see all available interfaces. Some common connection types include:

  • SATA: You can purchase an HP hard drive with one of four SATA interfaces. Each type can transfer data at a specific maximum speed to meet your needs.
  • USB: USB connections are easy to set up and to use after you install the drivers for the disk. Some of these drives support swapping.
How much data can HP hard drives hold?

Since you will be installing your new HP hard disk internally, you may want to choose a model that can meet your minimum space requirements. Hard drives have a set capacity, but they can hold several file types in one location. Many contemporary hard drives list their storage capacities in gigabytes or terabytes. A few of the drives you can choose from are designed to hold 25GB, 160GB, 300GB, 1.5TB, and 2TB.

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