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Stay Connected With HTC 64GB Cell Phones Smartphones

In this digital age, owning a smartphone benefits you in many ways, from offering safety to entertainment while you're waiting for an appointment. With these mobile devices, you are able to reach help when you need it, stay in touch with loved ones on the go, and keep in touch with the world via the internet. HTC smartphones come with an array of features, including a camera and a long-lasting battery.

What is an Android phone?

These are phones using the Android operating system that was developed by Google. Many mobile phone manufacturers, including HTC, use Android as software for their systems.

What HTC 64GB smartphones are available?

There are several Android phones available with some of the following options and features:

  • Colors: There are several colors available, including black, blue, gold, gray, pink, red, silver, and white.
  • Features: HTC makes smartphones that are 3G data capable, 4G data capable, and Bluetooth-enabled. They can include features such as an accelerometer, dual SIM, a fingerprint sensor, geotagging, and touchscreen.
  • Models: Several models are available, including HTC U11, HTC Desire 10 Pro, HTC U Ultra, and HTC 10.
  • Network: Choose from networks like 1&1, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Unlocked devices are also available for pre-paid, no contract service.
  • Processors: Choose processors such as Quad Core, Quad+Quad Core, or Octa Core.
What can you do on a 64GB smartphone?
  • Apps: Through apps, your phone can become quite the educational tool while you learn anything from budgeting to optimizing your diet through cooking.
  • Entertainment center: If you find yourself with a few moments of free time on your hands, you can find something on your mobile phone to keep yourself entertained. You can read books, magazines, and newspapers or play interactive games. You can also stream music and videos, watch favorite shows and movies through services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, and listen to audiobooks.
  • Helper: Your device can be a random helper in many ways. It can serve as your alarm clock, give you times for the movie you want to see, help you look up the phone number of a dentist, display a recipe for you, and dozens of other such tasks to help save you time.
  • Safety: With these devices, you can reach emergency services when you need them as well as contact friends and family when incidents occur. If you become lost, you can pull up a built-in GPS to guide you to your destination. With the GPS function, you can also estimate when you'll be arriving.
  • Stay connected: Using your device, you can keep up with the world via the internet. The latest news, local and worldwide, are right at your fingertips. You can also communicate with your loved ones through email, text, and social media.
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