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HTC Cell Phone and Smartphone Parts

Whether you are at work or on vacation, a smartphone allows you to stay in touch with close ties. These cell phone and smartphone parts for HTC smartphones are available to act as replacements for any HTC model, from the Desire 626 to the Evo 4G LTE. The different part types from which you can select extend from battery covers and charging ports to flex cables and LCD separators.

What smartphone replacement parts are available?

A variety of parts on your smartphone from HTC can be replaced if they are damaged or you want to upgrade the cell phone. Some of the kinds of replacement parts that are available for HTC models of smartphone are listed below:

  • Camera replacements: Whether you have the One M9, Wildfire, or Rezound model, the replacement parts available include the entire camera, the camera lens, and the camera bezel.
  • Printed circuit board: This is the entire motherboard for the device in question, which connects to all parts within the phone, from the speaker to the keyboard.
  • Display parts: Display parts you can select for your model include the LCD screen for the main display, the lens screen that attaches to the camera, and the screen digitizer.
  • Battery cover: Depending on the model you have, this type of cover can include the entire exterior housing frame that encloses the back of the cell phone or consist of two thin strips you place at the top and bottom of the back of the device.
  • Flex cable: These are thin, flat electronic cables that are situated inside some of these models, such as the One M8 and U11. These cables attach to charging ports, audio jacks and screen digitizers.
Which colors do these phone parts come in?

These phone parts come in an array of color options including basic black, silver, and white. Additional colors include beige, blue, gold, green, purple, red, and yellow. Some of these items are available in multiple colors with combinations like red and black or silver and black.

How do you select the right HTC part?

With the large number of options available to you, choosing the right part for your phone can be daunting. It may help to follow these guidelines:

  • Identify your model: Before searching for the right part, you need to have the exact model name on hand in order to ensure that the replacement part will be compatible, whether you have a Butterfly S or a Nexus One.
  • Select the right part: Select the replacement part that corresponds to the item needing replacement, such as a speaker, battery cover, or speaker mesh.
  • Make sure the part is compatible: Once you have found the right part, make sure that it works with your specific model.
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