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Repair Your HTC One M8 Smartphone with These Spare Parts

When you want to refurbish a damaged HTC One M8 cell phone, you often need spare parts to replace those that arenEUR(TM)t functioning. Whether you've dropped it and cracked its touchscreen or shorted the charging port with a wet connector, your One M8 often can be saved by repairing it. You can find the parts you need for your One M8 phone and learn more about them here.

What are OEM parts?

OEM is a common label you'll see for spare parts that are made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) rather than by a third party. Third-party spare parts are often available for older products when their manufacturers stop supporting them or when spare parts stockpiles are depleted after production ends.

What types of parts are available for the One M8?

There's a number of common parts that can be found. Some are OEM parts that are common to all the variants of the One M8, and some may work for only one variant because of design differences between them.

  • LCD touchscreens: One of the most common repairs for smartphones is to replace a broken touchscreen. Touchscreens may come in different colors, but this is only a cosmetic difference. For the One M8, these replacements usually include the front frame and digitizer as a unit.
  • Cables for audio jack and USB charging port: The USB port cable attaches to the PCB that the audio jack is mounted on, so both are replaced with one part.
  • Memory card reader and volume button connector: This cable includes both of these components, so if either is not working, this is the part to get.
  • Battery covers and case housings: These come in different colors, so you can buy new ones for cosmetic reasons or replace a cover that's cracked or lost.
  • Ear speakers: You can buy replacement speakers with tool kits that include special tools needed.
  • USB charging connector port: Sometimes USB ports are damaged by water or excessive heat. You can replace them with these replacement parts.
Are components from different variants of the One M8 compatible?

You will see parts labeled as coming from a particular variant, like the Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon variants of the One M8. Smartphone software and hardware is often customized for each carrier that sells it. This is why smartphone models have so many variants. You must research the hardware you need to replace carefully before using a component designed and manufactured for a different variant of the One M8 than the one you are repairing.