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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Ham and Amateur Radio Receivers

When you want to communicate through amateur and ham radio systems, having the right receiver makes a big difference. On eBay, there are many different manufacturers of ham and amateur radio receivers. Choose from new or used communications receivers at a variety of price points when shopping on eBay.

What are the available types of communications receivers on eBay?

The types include:

  • Base station - This is a strong ham communications receiver. It uses a 12-volt battery and transmits for thousands of miles.
  • Mobile or in-vehicle - These receivers connect to an electrical outlet or a vehicle's battery by plugging in a cord to the cigarette lighter or a power adapter. They transmit over the full ham spectrum and broadcast for 200 miles.
  • Shortwave radio - These shortwave radio communications receivers have a range of frequencies from 1.7 to 30 MHz, which is slightly higher than AM frequencies.
  • Portable or handheld - These weigh approximately eight ounces and have a range of about five miles for sending and receiving signals. The power source is a small battery.
What are the supported modes and bands of communications receivers?

The supported modes of operation for the new and used communications receivers on eBay include AM and FM for traditional radio and CW and SSB for amateur and ham purposes. The supported bands of broadcasting and receiving for these ham and amateur radio receivers include AM, FM, HF, UHF, and VHF.

What are the features of the ham communications receiver systems?

Some of the available features of affordable communications receivers on eBay include:

  • Portable - The communications receiver has a handle and is designed for portability.
  • Digital tuning - This automatically scans for channels that are broadcasting.
  • Antenna jack - A separate antenna jack allows you to attach a larger antenna.
  • LCD - A liquid crystal display shows the band, mode, and channel.
  • Backlit display - The display is lit from behind with an incandescent bulb.
How do you choose a ham or amateur communications receiver?

Some factors in your choice are:

  • Brand - The available brands include Collins, Drake, Hallicrafters, Hammarlund, Heathkit, Icom, and Realistic.
  • Power source - Choose electric-powered, battery-powered, or combination units.
  • Antenna - Choose a unit with a built-in antenna or a separate antenna.
  • Condition - There are new, used, and manufacturer's refurbished communications receivers available.
  • Type - There are mobile, handheld, portable, in-vehicle, marine, and base station options available.