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Harley-Davidson Men's Coats and Jackets

The American motorcycle company Harley-Davidson was established in 1903, and over the decades it has manufactured countless motorcycles for the roads. In addition, this motorcycle company has created riding attire that further aims to bring out the persona of the brand. From vintage to casual leather jackets, you can dress in road-appropriate materials that pay homage to years of classic motorcycle style.

What are some casual jackets made by Harley-Davidson?

Some of the casual jackets available for Harley-Davidson riders include a black pinstripe flame shirt jacket, an Army green canvas logo jacket, a skull flames bomber jacket in black, and a Goldberg black leather jacket with pockets.

What are Harley-Davidson jackets made from?

Choose the material for your Harley-Davidson jacket with care. Black leather is a standard option for those who ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A black motorcycle jacket in leather may not show dirt or wear easily, and this type of leather jacket or coat may have a vintage style. Leather is most suited for chillier temperatures. If you are looking for a lighter-weight coat or jacket than leather offers, a motorcycle jacket for your riding experiences made out of nylon or canvas are also options. These may be available in black, gray, or another darker hue. Be sure to read the care label when caring for you Harley-Davidson coat to ensure that is maintains its appearance.

Do Harley-Davidson jackets have any protective features?

Before you pick a leather jacket in black, keep in mind that one of the primary reasons Harley-Davidson riders wear them is to stay safe on the road. Leather is a durable and tough material that has protective qualities because of its thickness. This holds true for canvas riding motorcycle jackets as well.

Do Harley-Davidson jackets have different images or logos on them?

In addition to the durability and protective qualities of leather and other materials, these jackets have other features. For example, some canvas or leather jackets have deep pockets, which can be used to secure loose items while you are riding. In addition to pockets on your coat or jacket, some styles of motorcycle jackets available also have reflective qualities. This can increase your visibility when you are riding at night.

When you take a closer look at the different types of leather jackets available from Harley-Davidson, you may notice that some have the iconic images or logos on them. Some leather jackets have a bold orange logo, and others have a dark imprint on the black leather.

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