Open Up Your Audio World with Bone Conduction Headphones

Have an amazing listening experience with these unique headsets. Bone conduction headphones permit ambient noise to enter the ear the regular way while music or other audio is transmitted to the inner ear by means of vibrations through the bones of the face, and this makes them safe to use for cyclers or joggers, for military personnel, and for those with hearing problems or in-ear hearing aids. Bone conduction headphones can be found in several models on eBay

How do bone conduction headphones differ from other headphones?

Standard headphones have sound waves crossing air to strike the eardrum and be converted into the sounds that the brain interprets. Bone conduction does not use speakers; instead, it uses bone conduction transducers that work by sending vibrations to the cochleas by way of the cheekbones. You get to enjoy music while still being able to take in all the ambient sound around you. This is ideal whether for safety or simply to enjoy both music and the day. You might feel like you have your own motion picture soundtrack while going about your normal life with a bone conductor headset.

What is bone conduction?

While the concept of hearing through bones may seem odd, its something you do constantly. Whenever you hear yourself talk or laugh, you hear it through a combination of bone conduction and air conduction. Bone conduction enables the hearing of sound through vibrations running through the cheekbones and jaw bones. Sound waves skip past the eardrums location, bypassing the middle and outer ear to stimulate the inner ear, or hearing organ, directly. Bone conduction in itself is not new. It has been used to aid hearing loss, in military communication, and by scuba divers.

What are the advantages of bone conduction headsets?
  • Volume safety: Your eardrums are safe when you listen to music through the bones of your skull rather than across air that vibrates to strike the eardrum. Higher volumes do not put eardrums at risk this way.
  • Hearing aid compatibility: Because bone conduction technology bypasses the eardrum, it is possible to use both headsets with bone conduction and hearing aids simultaneously.
  • Versatile use capacity: With bone conduction headphones, cycling and swimming can safely be accompanied by the music of your choice. For the former, it allows outside noise to safely come to the cyclists attention, and for the latter, wireless bone conduction headphones can safely be used in water and still permit clear audio.