The Herbalife company creates and sells personal care products, sports nutrition, and wellness supplements. Herbalife also markets weight management food items. The companys products serve a variety of purposes and are used by people globally.

What does Herbalife make?

The Herbalife company makes products intended to help people be healthier. The company creates products in the realm of wellness, energy, fitness, weight management, and personal care.

  • Nutrition: The products in this category include vitamins and supplements that are specialized for children, women, and men. There are also specially formulated blends for helping people with managing stress, immunity, healthy aging, digestive health, and more.
  • Energy and fitness: The Herbalife company offers vitamins in pill form and drink mixes that are specially designed for maximizing your workout and restoring your energy.
  • Weight management: Herbalife makes not only shake mixes, protein bars, vitamins, and snacks for helping you lose weight, but the company also focuses their sales on programs that combine these products together.
  • Personal care: The products in this category include skin and hair products like cleansers, moisturizers, acne treatments, toners, creams, masks, scrubs, body washes, shampoos, conditions, and sunscreen. The Herbalife company also offers programs that are specialized for certain skin types.
What do Herbalife products do?

The companys nutrition products use ingredients that are blended to promote health. The basic wellness supplements give you everything your body needs to stay healthy while the specialized products promote functions in the body, like boosting your immunity, minimizing the effects of aging, aiding in digestion, and reducing stress. The fitness and energy supplements are made with a blend of ingredients to boost your energy. This extra boost gives you energy to help you get through your workout, work out for longer, and stay energized while you do it. These products also help your body recover quicker, so youll be working out more frequently. Herbalifes weight loss supplements work in a variety of ways. They use a special formula to promote good digestive and stomach health and curb your appetite. The personal care products each have a targeted job. Hair products keep hair healthy while the anti-aging program not only fights off the effects of aging but also reverses them. The acne treatments help reduce breakouts, and cleansers use special ingredients to clean your skin and keep it healthy.

How do you use Herbalife products?

The Herbalife companys supplements and vitamins are meant to be taken daily and are typically sold in 30-day supplies. The energy and fitness supplements should be taken as specified on the label before exercising. Weight loss products can be used to create drinks and shakes or can be taken in pill form one to two times a day. The company also makes snack products to get you through the day. Personal products are to be used in the shower or on the skin one to two times each day.