Holiday & Seasonal Décor

Christmas and Winter Decor

Christmas and winter decor comes in all different forms. Trees, lights, plants, and yard decorations help to brighten spaces. Decoration for winter also come in lots of styles apart from Christmas decorations.

What types of decor for Christmas and winter are available?

You can find religious and secular themes for Christmas decorations. Youll also find non-Christmas winter-themed decor. Artificial Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, wreaths, garlands, plants, and yard decor are all options for Christmas or winter-themed designs. Utilizing some or all of these components to decorate an indoor or outdoor space for the holidays can add charm and aesthetic appeal.

What types of artificial Christmas trees are available?

Artificial Christmas trees are typically organized into heights: tabletop, 4- to 6-feet, 6- to 8-feet, and over 8-feet tall. Other options include:

  • Lighting: Some trees are available with lights already adorning them while others come unlit, giving you flexibility with your choice of Christmas lights.
  • Flocking: Flocked Christmas trees appear as though they are dusted with snow, without the mess.
  • Pre-Decorated: Some artificial trees come pre-decorated in different themes. Flowers, birds, and ornaments of different kinds are utilized to create holiday artistry.
  • Fiber Optics: Fiber optic artificial trees are able to be synchronized with lights that change color to become futuristic display pieces for the holidays.
What types of lights are available?
  • Projector lights can be set up to project different images onto the side of a house or building. They can give the appearance of a house entirely decorated by string lights.
  • Traditional string lights can be wrapped around trees, banisters, poles, railings, and other surfaces to illuminate them in color or all in white.
  • Icicle lights are frequently used outdoors. They can be strung from garages and houses to create the illusion of hanging, illuminated ice figures.
  • Christmas net lights are practical for decorating bushes and shrubs outdoors. Rather than wrapping strings around the plants, a net can simply be cast over the entire thing at once.
What does yard decor entail?

You can find lots of outdoor decorating elements to contribute to the festive winter atmosphere of your neighborhood.

  • Inflatable characters are blown up with air as giant lawn sculptures. Some are well known figures from movies, like the Grinch, while others might be snowmen or even Santa Claus.
  • Plastic and wicker items are often covered in lights to glow in the shape or silhouette of a well-known animal or person, like deer or elves.
  • Signs may feature lights to illuminate the way for Santa while pathway ornaments like candy canes with stakes on the bottom allow for sides of driveways and sidewalks to be made festive.
What winter decorations are available that are not for Christmas?

Wreaths, garland, and lights can just as easily be used in households that do not celebrate Christmas. Other inspirations for winter include snowflakes and snow-related items as well as and pine cones and artfully arranged bare branches. Floral designs and candles in patterns and colors other than red and green are common around the holidays.