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What to Consider When Purchasing Computer PC2-4200 DDR2-533 Bus Speed Memory RAM

Hynix is a brand specifically dedicated to making RAM and Flash memory chips. These chips are known for their reliability and longevity as well as their large GB capacity. RAM chips are compatible with a wide array of devices including laptop and desktop computers. They work with many different brands of computers including Dell, Sony, and HP. With large GB capacities, these RAM chips can increase the speed of your laptop or desktop computer, and they also work well for those who like to use their laptop or desktop for gaming.

What is the Purpose of RAM?

  • RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it serves as a desktop or laptop computers working memory. This means that it temporarily stores the data relevant to the functions and programs you access on your computer.
  • RAM temporarily takes data from your laptop or desktops hard drive and allows the user to access the information. More GB of RAM in the computer means that it can process more tasks at once, as well as process complex tasks faster.

What Type of Capacity does Computer PCs-4200 DDR2-355 Bus Speed Memory RAM Have?

Each chip or module of Hynix RAM has a specific amount of storage space.

  • Some modules offer 1 or 2 GB of RAM, which is typically sufficient for those who use their computers for word processing or accessing the internet.
  • You can also find Hynax RAM modules with a 4 GB capacity, an 8 GB capacity, or even a 16 GB capacity. 4 GB or more is ideal for those who like to use their computers for gaming.
  • More RAM typically equates to smoother graphics, and a larger level of overall responsiveness. Depending on how many RAM slots your computer has, you can combine multiple modules to increase the overall GB capacity.
  • Many Dell, Sony, HP, and Toshiba computers feature several ports to allow for memory expansion.

What is the Data Transfer Speed of Hynix Computer PC2-4200 DDR2-533 Bus Speed Memory RAM?

PC2-4200 or DDR2-533 RAM chips feature a 266 MHz front side bus. This means that they can provide an overall data transfer rate of 533 MT/s. This is equivalent to 4200 MB/s. This is commonly considered a high speed and a high MHz level. The MHz level refers to how many millions of cycles per second the RAM can perform. With a rating of 266 MHz, these RAM chips are responsive, allowing the user to multi-task or complete data heavy tasks with minimal lag.

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