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IKEA Office Chairs

IKEA Office Chairs

Theres much to consider when buying an office chair. It should be comfortable, allow you to sit for hours without pain, and have features that allow you to customize the chair to your liking. IKEA office chairs are categorized into swivel chairs and visitor’s chairs.

What are some qualities to look for in a chair?

Office chairs come in many different styles with varying features, so its good to have an idea of what you want and what the options are when you search. These are a few factors you might want to consider when you look for IKEA office chairs:

  • Lower back support: Office furniture with an eye toward ergonomics help to prevent pain when youre sitting in your desk chair all day. Office furniture like an office chair and a desk should work together to prevent an arched back and bad posture. The lumbar support of your desk chair is the first step toward finding a good office chair.
  • Armrests: You have the option to get a simple design without armrests, so consider how youre using the chair and decide if armrests are necessary or if they will just get in the way.
  • Swivel chair height: You may want the height of the IKEA chair that you choose to be adjustable. Your feet should be flat on the floor for good sitting posture. This requires a dial control or a pump that allows quick adjustments for comfort. An IKEA office swivel chair option is the Markus swivel chair.
  • Casters on the swivel chair: Its important that you can move freely in your office chair. With a swivel desk chair, youre able to reach all the items on your desk, which reduces strain and fatigue in your arms. Do you have carpet or solid floors? This information will impact the casters on the swivel chair. The mechanism of the casters wont always work right on a plush carpet, so you might have to get a mat.
  • Adjustable arms and angles: Along with an adjustable seat, your office chair from IKEA should be office furniture that adjusts in other areas too. It should be a swivel chair, have adjustments for height, and have arm adjustments and seat angles.
How do you select the chair depth and width?

Seat dimensions are absolutely vital for a comfortable day at your desk. The chair should be deep enough to sit with only an inch or two between the end of the seat and your knees. You can measure that area of your body to find the right fit when you cant be seated in the swivel chair to test it.

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