Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting Dump Heavy Equipment Trailers

Dump heavy equipment trailers are suitable for personal, commercial, and industrial use. You never know when you may need a dump heavy trailer. In a flooding scenario or during any other type of natural disaster, you might be grateful to have a large lorry to haul out the debris that you no longer need, and if you're moving house, these trailers can be used to haul your heavier belongings.

Which features should you look for when buying new or used dump trailers?

Whether it's your first time purchasing a dump trailer or your business requires you to have a full fleet, make sure that you take these important features into consideration before choosing to purchase a dump trailer:

  • LED lights: Large lorries operating at night can be hazardous without the proper lights and indicators. LED lights allow your dump trailer to be easily visible to all other vehicles in the vicinity.
  • Heavy-duty sides: Heavy-duty sides are necessary for dump trailers used to haul heavy equipment in order to prevent distress and warping from repeated impact.
  • D-rings: It can be awkward and jarring to hear heavy equipment jostling around in the back of your dump trailer. Built-in D-rings can be used to secure heavy equipment and protect it from damage.
  • NATM compliance: The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers regulates trailers and imposes safety guidelines that all trailers, including heavy equipment dump trailers, must meet.
Are homeowner's trailers different from their industrial counterparts?

Box trailers for sale on eBay come with varying weight capacities. Heavy equipment lorries suitable for personal use tend to have a capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 pounds. In contrast, industrial trailers can carry up to 30,000 pounds of equipment. Industrial heavy-duty trailers have extra features as well. Some of these features include HD telescopic cylinders, versatile deck-over dump beds, and dual tandem dumping.

Which dump heavy equipment trailers are available on eBay?

If you're looking for a quality new or used dump trailer for sale, look no further than eBay. Used dump trailers for sale on eBay are often accompanied with official bills of sale. You can peruse trailers from different brands, such as Leonard trailers, Great Dane trailers, or Big Tex trailers available at affordable prices. You can also find complementary accessories, including hinges and power lift equipment ramps. You can choose from hydraulic heavy-duty trailers, bumper pull dump trailers, triple axle trailers, and gooseneck dump trailers.