Discos de aleación de metal industrial y

Metal and alloy discs for industrial and craft use

Metal discs are a vital element for many ironworks and crafting projects. The choice in size and thickness offers you the chance to use these handy and affordable discs for a range of metal work. There is a huge variety to choose from including brushed steel, stainless steel, copper materials and steel metal discs plus many other styles. These durable and versatile discs are laser and plasma cut to ensure precision with each providing specific measurements to fit your project with ease. 

Discs for ironworks

Metal and alloy discs are often used for iron and metal works including projects such as tube capping and handrail backplates. The thickness and size are pre-cut to give you the exact requirements for the job, plus you can also choose from plain metal or alloy finishes or discs with pre-drilled fixing holes. If you are looking for metal discs for wrought iron works, this selection is ideal for the job. 

Craft projects

Metal discs are ideal for small craft and jewelry work. You can choose from a variety of materials including steel, copper and aluminium, and each makes an excellent disc for stamping and embossing on to. If you're looking to create jewelry, these discs are ideal for personalisation. They can also be hammered, textured, inked, stamped, pierced for a unique look. Plain metal discs are also great for pet tags and can be easily embossed with specific details. 

Bulk buys

There is a huge selection of metal and alloy discs at affordable prices which enables you to buy bulk packs of the same color and size. You can also mix finishes and thicknesses to accommodate all project requirements. Some metal discs can also be cut specifically to suit your size and thickness preferences.