Utility Trailers

If you need to drive somewhere with several large items and run out of truck space, a utility trailer is a simple way to handle the job. Other uses for these trailers include hauling work equipment or making work easier around the farm. There are several size farm and utility attachments available, so find one that can help you with your next job.

Is a pole trailer also a utility trailer?

A pole trailer is a utility trailer for utility vehicles and workers needing to inspect, view, replace, or set up new poles during the day. While a regular utility trailer can carry poles, the pole trailer is specially designed to keep them locked in place during transit. A pole trailer also makes it easier to load and unload the poles, saving time on each end.

What types of accessories are good for farm trucks?
  • Side holders - If you use your utility attachment for lawn care work, side holders allow you to safely store your weeding equipment, gas blowers, and gas cans.
  • Tool beds - A tool bed allows you to keep all your tools and equipment available at any time. Some tool beds will have organizational accessories with them, making storage even easier.
  • Enclosures - An enclosure allows you to protect your items from inclement weather and debris while keeping your equipment securely inside. You can choose from complete enclosures or partials.
  • Ramps - A ramp allows you to wheel equipment off the truck or farm vehicle without excessive strain.
  • Ladder rack - If you need to climb a ladder during the day, a rack allows you to safely transport a large ladder without the risk of damaging your utility trailer. It also prevents the ladder from damaging other vehicles as well.
How is the length of a utility trailer measured?

When you need to know the length of a trailer, you'll need to know how far the entire setup extends from the truck. Since a hitch on the back of the truck is part of the extension, you'll include it. Simply measure from the beginning of the hitch to the end of the trailer.

How many axles are on utility trailers?

The number will depend on the size of the trailer. Most trailers up to 10 feet in length will have a single axle, while trailers 14 feet or longer will have a second axle. If you need a trailer to be evenly balanced on each end, you'll want to consider a trailer with one set of wheels on the front and back, regardless of size.