Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

Enjoy the Water on an Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Being on the water can be good for your health in many ways, especially if youre getting cardio exercise and fresh air at the same time. Having an inflatable paddle board means that you can put your gear into almost any type of vehicle and travel to your favorite body of water. You can find great new and used stand-up paddle boards (SUP) on eBay for reasonable prices.

What types of water are inflatable SUPs suited for?

Most of the inflatable models are well-suited for many types of water. You can take them out on calm lakes and bays, and you can also enjoy them on rougher waters. You can take an inflatable board on rivers, and since they are usually made of several layers of strong PVC, they can absorb the bumps that may come with white waters. Some paddlers take their inflatables into the sea, even when there is some surf to handle. In general, theyll be strong and sturdy enough to handle waves.

How big are these boards?

The basic board sizes are:

  • Under 10 feet: Smaller stand-up paddle boards are maneuverable and light, so smaller paddlers might have an easier time with them. Boards of this size will usually have a flatter bottom, which is known as a planning hull.
  • From 10 feet to 12 feet: Medium inflatable SUPs are considered to be all-purpose equipment. They could have flatter hulls or have more pointed ones, which are called displacement hulls. This would enable them to cut through the water more efficiently.
  • Over 12 feet: Those going for speed and distance will probably want a long SUP with a displacement hull.

They could also vary in deck width. Narrower boards are more suited for smaller paddlers.

What types of fins are there on inflatable SUPs?

The fins are located on the bottom of the board. Inflatable models either have flexible rubber fins permanently attached or fins you remove as needed. On a stand-up paddle board, there could be:

  • A three-fin thruster: Three fins equally sized and placed next to each other should help a board track straight.
  • 2+1 fins: In this setup, there is a larger fin in the center and smaller fins on the sides. Some paddlers who surf the waves prefer this configuration.