Instant Immersion Language Courses Software

Instant Immersion creates software language courses that can be used to learn a second language through a combination of individual study and one-on-one sessions with a native speaker of the studied language. These software packages are graduated for progressive learning and can be an effective learning aid. You can find the language courses youre looking for and learn more about them here.

What are the most common Instant Immersion modules available?

In addition to Instant Immersion Spanish, other language courses in the companys comprehensive CD-ROM and DVD-ROM software collection include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. There are also collections of as many as 33 languages sold as a library.

How many languages does Instant Immersion have instruction modules for?

The program offers courses in more than 120 languages spoken all across the planet. From Afrikaans through Zulu, most spoken dialects on Earth can be studied with these instructional software lessons. Language courses are available individually and in a variety of language packs.

Whats included in each Instant Immersion package?

Modules are available several formats, including MP3, audio CD, data CD/DVD, and downloadable executable file. The Family Edition contains Levels 1, 2, and 3 Phrasebooks in seven modules. The Download Edition includes software plus bonus audio of 120 modules at Levels 1, 2, and 3.

How does the Immersion program work?

Participants learn vocabulary, pronunciation, and how to speak specific phrases one at a time in the basic course by studying with tutorials, flashcards, and a dictionary. It all starts out with the building of the vocabulary by utilizing lessons that work on commonly used terminology. As the learner progresses, he or she is presented with more complex and in-depth language acquisition as the levels of complexity increase. Live tutoring is included with native speakers to allow you the chance to get to know and understand the nuances of the language through immersion.

Does Immersion have CD/ROM sets with multiple modules?

Yes. Packages in 33, 51, and 102 languages, for example, are available in sets with up to six CD-ROMs that support both the Windows and Mac platforms. With such an extraordinary variety and array of language packages available, the shopper can look around and find which collection of languages most interests them. They can be used to learn a number of phrases when doing extensive world travel. Its also a way to explore different languages and learn to converse globally with other nationalities in the world.

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