Throughout its history, JDSU has concentrated on communications testing and measurement. As a pioneer in the computer processing revolution, the company helped to revolutionize many of the applications that have produced important solutions in a variety of fields.

What is JDSU?

The company originated in a garage in 1979 producing laser technology for computer chip and sensor manufacturers. They quickly expanded by developing expertise in producing and servicing parts in emerging fields. Their innovations powered many of the new technologies that led to smartphones and new digital technologies such as the DSAM device to measure DOCSIS. JDSU experts produced meters to measure even the most minute DOCSIS change, as well as the smallest deviance in part measurements.

How has JDSU affected the development of fiber solutions?

From the development of laser cutting and measurement meters, to the intricacies of networking, they became a commonly used business for research on DOCSIS issues. Their products affect areas such as:

  • Meters to test and certify the optimal performance of fiber optics, signal strength, and characterization.
  • The activation and measurement of communication performance and assurance, including DSAM and DOCSIS.
  • New meter laser research to manage expanding networks and increase DOCSIS.
  • Meters to measure the growth of network intelligence, assurance, and optimization.
  • New concepts in network security forensics.
What are common products produced by JDSU?

With its long history in the field of digital measurement devices, the company technicians maintain their lead in technological advances with a series of digital meters for testing, activating, and maintaining optic cable performance.

  • The DSAM is a handheld digital meter that measures DOCSIS during cable modem installation. This DSAM enables high-speed efficiency in the delivery of data or video feeds.
  • The ADSL tester is a meter for testing the speed of existing fiber optic equipment and advises how to increase performance.
  • The digital DATV handheld device measures wave length and strength performance of home television systems.
Are these products durable?

The company prides itself on the development and marketing of quality products. Many of their original products are still performing in the field. Some professional field operators have mentioned a preference for their products.

In what other fields has JDSU led the market?

The company worked with various governments providing secure currency through advanced optical manipulations after counterfeiting increased due to improvements in the copy machine industry. Their solutions were innovative and permeated throughout the paper-money industry. They attacked the problem of counterfeiting from multiple fronts.

  • They invented optical coatings and developed the technology to apply the coating quickly and efficiently.
  • To sense the existence of counterfeiting techniques, the company developed optical filters, including 3-D sensors.
  • For added security, the company developed miniature spectroscopy techniques to apply to currency.
  • To make counterfeiting more difficult, they developed special effects pigments.