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Justin Boots for Men

Justin Boots for Men

Justin Boots have been around since the late 1800s when J.H. Justin created the first of several brands of men’s cowboy boots. In the year 2000, the company was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway who continued to make the boots. This brand is also available in leather kids’ boots, leather women’s boots, and men’s shoes.

What should you consider when buying Justin boots?

There are different styles of Western boots from Justin, so you may want to choose the Western boots that interest you the most and best fit your needs. While size is always important, you also want a boot that offers comfort. Here are some things you may want to look for when choosing your pair of Justin boots.

  • Material: While most boots are made of leather, you can also find materials such as ostrich.
  • Color: The boots are offered in brown, black, blue, orange, red, tan, green and white.
  • Toe design: Cowboy boots are offered in different toe styles, including steel toes.
  • Boot height: Many of the cowboy boots are 11 inches, but there are other heights available as well.
  • Heel height: With different heel heights, you can choose the height that best fits your needs.
What different styles of Justin cowboy boots are there?
  • Ropers: The shafts on the ropers are generally lower than on other cowboy boots. They also have a rounded toe and a broad heel.
  • Stockman: If you spend a lot of your day walking or standing, the stockman Western boot could be a good choice because of the deeper dip in the scallop. They also have a wide, short heel that may provide more comfort when standing.
  • Western work boot: The Western work boot has a short heel, large toe box, and usually a rubber sole that should provide extra traction.
  • Buckaroos: These boots are tall with a high heel and stitching detail.
  • Steel toe boot: Available in different heights, these boots feature steel toes, rubber outsoles and removable orthotic insert.
How do you get a good fit with Justin boots?

Cowboy boots typically do not require breaking in, so they should feel comfortable from the beginning. The main things to remember when ordering boots are instep, ball, and heel. Justin cowboy boots typically have a higher arch support and run true to size or a bit larger, so depending on what is comfortable for you, you may want to order your regular size or maybe ½ size smaller.

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