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KEEN Shoes for Men

KEEN creates rugged outdoor shoes for men and women with an eye toward corporate responsibility. Beginning with their unique sandal design, the company has since moved into hiking boots, safety footwear, and casual shoes, as well as clothing and accessories. KEEN represents a blend of American-made quality footwear and global corporate citizenship.

What kinds of shoes for men does KEEN make?

KEEN began as a response to the question, “Can a sandal protect your toes?” The company’s first design was an early version of the Newport sandal that featured a rubber bumper to shield the toes from injury. Since then, KEEN has expanded into a variety of designs, many available in size 11, such as the following:

  • Sandals: Since the original Newport, KEEN has expanded its sandal designs to include the sporty Clearwater and Evofit, the more casual Uneek, and even an open-toed Rialto.
  • Casual shoes: This waterproof line features pull-on shoes such as the Ashland and Rialto, Oxfords such as the Boston and Austin, and low boots in muted leathers.
  • Sneakers: KEEN’s quality construction and sturdy rubber soles are combined with sneaker styling in designs such as the Aphlex and the Glenhaven.
  • Work and hiking boots: With their attention to safety and quality construction, it was natural for the company to branch into work and hiking boots. Designs such as the Coburg and the Pittsburgh work boots feature water resistance, a stability plate, asymmetrical steel toes, and a slip-resistant sole. The Gypsum and the Oakridge hiking boots aim to keep your feet warm and dry in outdoor conditions.
Where are KEEN shoes manufactured?

While the company was founded in Alameda, California, KEEN has since moved to Portland, Oregon. KEEN footwear is “American Built,” meaning each pair is constructed in the company’s Portland factory from materials sourced worldwide.

How do you care for KEEN men’s footwear?

Here are a few tips to help you care for your KEEN shoes:

  • Washing: Water-resistant sandals can be washed on a gentle cycle and allowed to air dry. Footbeds can be hand washed and allowed to air dry.
  • Waterproofing: After a few months of use, re-waterproofing with a silicone-based spray is recommended and should be repeated about every three months.
  • Cleaning leather: Cleaners and conditioners will help keep your KEENs scuff- and dirt-free.