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KidKraft Pretend Play Kitchens

Get ready for your children to stir, bake, pour, and chop. Toy kitchens from KidKraft encourage fun and imaginative play. These toy kitchens come in a wide array of colors, materials, brands so that your child can choose the kitchen to engage their creativity.

What materials do these toy kitchens come in?

The KidKaft Pretend Play Kitchens come in a few different colors. The most common material you can expect to find would be wood. This is because wood is sturdier and more eco-friendly than the other materials. Also, the various types of wood that these kitchens are made of allow for more color options to be available to buyers based on their personal preferences or home color scheme. Some KidKraft toy kitchens are also made of composite wood and plastic materials as well.

What accessories come with a toy kitchen set?

Many kitchens come with a few basic items that would traditionally be found in a kitchen. Over time, more KidKraft toys can be purchased to add to the collection. Items that you can expect to come with these toy kitchen sets include:

  • Dishes: Plates, bowls, cups, and silverware.
  • Cookware: Pots, pans, mixing bowls, and serving spoons.
  • Food: Fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, and desserts.
  • Drinks: White milk, chocolate milk, juice, and baby bottles.
  • Small Appliances: Mixers, blenders, espresso machines, washing machines, and dryers.
What age is recommended for using these play kitchens?

Most of the manufacturers of these Kids Pretend Play Kitchens recommend that the users of these play sets be ages three and up. However, you may be able to find some toy kitchen sets that can be used by children that are two years old.

What different characters can be found on the kitchens?

The toy kitchen sets come with several different brands that many young children will be familiar with. The more common character families and brands that these kitchens feature are Barbie and American Girl. This is because many of the toy kitchens are marketed towards young girls. Other character families that you can expect to find are:

  • Toy Story
  • Mickey Mouse and Friends
  • Disney Princess
  • Thomas and Friends
What colors do the KidKraft toy kitchens come in?

The KidKaft Pretend Play Kitchens come in a variety of colors. These range from really bright and bold colors to softer tones. To be more specific,some of the colors that you can expect to find include:

  • Navy
  • Natural
  • Multi
  • Espresso
  • Pink